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Criw Cymraeg

Helo! We are so delighted to announce that we are now working towards our “Arian” (Silver)  Siarter Iaith Award! We are one of only nine schools in Neath Port Talbot to be doing this. As we shall be so busy working our way through the 100 targets we have decided we need some new members! We have four new members to help us achieve this award. We have two years to complete all of the targets. We are very excited to be helping the school to continue to be more bilingual and to establish a better  Welsh ethos.


Tales of Wales shall be visiting us again on October the 24th 2019. We are all very excited as we love their Welsh stories! They help us to understand many famous Welsh stories from the past in a really exciting way! A £1 donation would be greatly received.


We think being bilingual is extremely important because;

  1. It’s fun!
  2. It improves your chances of being employed in the future
  3. Over two thirds of the world’s population are bilingual
  4. On average bilingual pupils achieve higher English exam results than pupils who speak one language
  5. Academic research has confirmed that bilingual pupils are more creative and score higher in IQ tests
  6. Bilingual people in Wales earn more on average in comparison with people who speak one language.

We want to try and help all the pupils in the school become more confident at speaking Welsh in school and at home. We have created a sheet for pupils to take home and use with their parents or carers. This can also be found on our twitter page.


Why not try some Welsh APPS at home – they are all free!

*Cyw (3-7 year olds)

*Llyfrau Bach Magi Ann (3-7 years old)

*Campau Cosmig/Compau Cosmig 2(7-11 years old)

*Codi Hwyl