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Hello boys and girls! We hope you are having lots of fun at home with your families. We are really missing you all in school and can’t wait to have you all back! This is a very tricky time for all those who are looking after you. We hope that you are doing as your told and being the absolute superstars that we know you are. Look after yourselves. We are saying a little prayer for you every day. Don’t forget to say one for us! Take care, love Mrs Brooks and Mrs Adams.


Spring 2020 blackboard Nursery battle of the dinosaurs

Spring 2020 blackboard Reception battle of the dinosaurs

Class Teacher: Mrs. Brooks

Nursery Nurse : Mrs Adams

Suggested activities to support your child’s learning at home

NPT Early Years COVID Booklet

Home Learning Pack

  • Learning Jolly Phonic sounds
  • recognising our numbers 1-20
  • pencil control
  • preposition EG. in on under behind in front of
  • learning tricky words
  • writing simple sentences
  • recognise and write my own name
  • recognise and name 2 and 3D shapes
  • using coins to pay for items

Easter Home Learning Challenges Reception