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Nursery – Mrs Henwood

Welcome to Our Nursery Class Page 

You will find all of the information that you need on day to day life in our nursery classroom on this page. 

Your class teacher is Mrs. Henwood


Our new topic this term is:

Pitter, Patter Puddle Play

This project has a knowledge and understanding of the world focus. We will explore water in it’s different forms and think about how we can make water move. We will learn to be safe near water and think about how water is used at home. We will learn the importance of water for us, animals and plants.

Water Wednesday

As part of this topic we will be exploring the outdoor environment to search for puddles and have lots of water fun. Please provide your child with wellies that they can use every Wednesday for our Water Wednesday sessions. This may involve us jumping in muddy puddles, moving water across the yard, investigating different water forms and exploring our Nature Reserve. Please dress your child appropriately for outdoor, messy fun!


Please find the planning blackboards for the Summer Term below:


Summer Blackboard

RE blackboard Summer Term 2021



TenTen is a resource that we use for Religious Education in school. Please click the links below for their latest newsletter and links to daily prayer.

Daily prayers week commencing 4th January 2021.

Daily prayers week commencing 11th January.

If your child needs to stay at home due to lock down or a bubble lock down in school, work will be set for your child through Seesaw. We also use Seesaw for our weekly homework. 

If your child needs to self-isolate, please complete the following activities to support your child’s learning. Please click on the links below in blue:

  1. In nursery we use Jolly Phonics to learn our sounds. Please use the link below to sing along and learn the Jolly Phonics songs.


Please click on the links in blue to access activity sheets:

2. Letter formation

Letter formation

3. Number formation

Number formation

4. Pencil Control

Pencil control

5. There are lots of other practical things that we can do to help prepare our child for school. If your child is not yet as confident in some of these things then please use this time to practice these important skills with your child.

How can I help to prepare my child for Nursery

6. Enjoy singing nursery rhymes together. How many can you learn?


Your child will be working on their individual targets in class.  To support their learning please look through the following sheets.  These are the next steps of learning through your child’s Mathematical Development and Language, Literacy and Communication Development.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

MD O1 

MD O2 



Information for new parents: 

On Arrival                                                                                                                       

When your child arrives at school between 8.40am and 8.50am there will be a member of staff to meet them at the main school gate. Your child will then walk down to their classroom door where there will be a member of staff there to help them to sanitise their hands.  

Once in their classroom, Mrs Henwood will show them where to hang their coats and bags.  


Break Time 

Children will be provided with milk during play time.


Home Time 

Your child can be collected from the main school gate at 11.20am. There will be a member of staff at the school gate to send your child home. We ask all parents or guardians that if someone else is collecting your child from school then please send in a signed letter specifying the names and days of those collecting them. Please be patient with us, it takes a little bit of time but we do get to know all of your new faces in time!


At school your child will need: 

  • A change of clothes in case of accidents (we are currently not able to pass out any clothes)
  • A labelled water bottle 
  • Wellies 
  • If you can, we also ask that you provide waterproof outdoor clothing for those rainy days.  


Please make sure that everything that you send into school with your child is clearly labelled with your child’s name. As you can imagine with lots of little jumpers and coats this is extremely helpful to us! 

I will be able to answer any questions you may have when you child begins school. I hope that this initial information is useful. 

Our web page is updated on a regular basis. If there is anything else that you need to ask in the meantime then please don’t hesitate to contact the school office. 

I hope that your child is excited and looking forward to their first day at school

Mrs Henwood