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Year 1/2

Hi boys and girls, well what a very different week we are having!

I hope you have all been able to enjoy the sunshine with your family in your gardens.

I am writing this in school…it’s very different today.  I am missing your stories, laughter and yes … I am missing the NOISE! 🙂  I came in to water the daffodils we grew together – they are looking beautiful! What a wonderful job you all did.  Maybe you can share your gardening knowledge with your mums, dads, brothers or sisters? It’s the perfect time to plant sunflower seeds and watch them grow big and strong like you all are.. don’t grow too quickly now!

Please remember to listen well at home and try your best to be helpful!  There are lots of activities below you can enjoy that will help you to learn.  Most importantly, every night before you go to sleep give your family a BIG cwtch and tell them you love them.

Love from Mrs Edwards xx


Class Teacher: Mrs Edwards

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Evans

Spring 2020 blackboard

Spring Term 2020 Yr1.2 Blackboard

Library books to be returned on Monday


Suggested activities to support your child’s learning at home

NPT Early Years COVID Booklet

Easier Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Easier Home Learning Pack

Easier Practical Ideas


Harder Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Harder Home Learning Pack

Harder Practical Ideas


  • reciting numbers to 100
  • recall doubles up to 20
  • recognise odd and even numbers to 100
  • solve addition and subtraction sums to 20
  • pay for items up to £1
  • times tables 2 5 10s
  •  learn time o’clock and 1/2 past
  • to find halves and quarters in practical situations
  • to name and describe 2D and 3D shapes
  • to recognise 1/2 and 1/4 turns
  • to know that a quarter turn is a right angle
  • to read and spell the first 100 tricky words
  • to read different fiction and non fiction books readily
  • to form capital and lower case letters
  • to sequence and structure content correctly and extend their writing eg diary writing