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Year 3/4


I hope you are all making the most of the sunny weather and time to be at home with your families. Remember to help and take care of each other.

Don’t forget that there are lots if ideas on this page to help keep you busy. I am looking forward to seeing all your Solar system projects too.

Try to practise your tables and read or listen to a story every day.

I am sending you all a big hug!!

Love from Mrs. Stephens


Class Teacher: Mrs Stephens

Wonderful Wales Spring 2020

Reminders Sept 2019


Suggested activities to support your child’s learning at home:

Easier Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Easier Home Learning Pack

Easier Practical Ideas


Harder Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Harder Home Learning Pack

Harder Practical Ideas


Free Interactive Maths Games the button: number bonds; times tables; doubling and halving; multiples; division facts; square numbers Fishing Multiplication Maths Bowling Multiplication the Time


Free Interactive Literacy Games –  BBC Karate Cats, grammar, punctuation and spelling – listen to actors reading children’s books