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Year 5/6

Class Teacher: Miss Beesley

Hello again everyone! Hope you are all still keeping safe and well. Myself, Ethan and Harper have been keeping fit by doing the Joe Wicks daily exercise videos on YouTube. Give them a go, they are great fun!

This week why don’t you research a country or city you have always wanted to visit! Mine would have to be New York City. You could also research the different wonders of the word and make a “bucket list” of a few you would love to visit! One of mine would definitely be the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Take a look, there are so many to choose from! And the ancient ones have so much history you can find out about. The Colosseum is particularly interesting!

Take care and I will update again in a few days.

Miss Beesley.


Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and are enjoying the sunshine! I am thinking about you all everyday and hoping you are enjoying your time with whoever is at home with you. Remember this is a really tricky time for us all, and especially your parents.  Remember to help them whenever you can and to be greatful and attentive.

Remember to use the work packs and all the resources online and the games I showed you! Keep up all the hard work and the progress we have made together. I am very proud of all you have achieved already, you are all amazing, but don’t give up, keep on working hard and moving forward! Please don’t stop reading or learning your times tables! I can’t wait until we are all together again to carry on learning new things and having fun!

I miss you very much and I am praying for you. Remember out Lentern Class Promise – keep praying! They work.

I will see you soon, keep safe and take care.

Lots of love

Miss Beesley.


Topic for Spring Term: Fragile Planet

Fragile Planet Planner Spring 2020 R.E.

Reading books to be returned at anytime.

P.E. Day: Thursday

Homework: Given on a Friday, to be returned on a Monday, unless otherwise stated.


Library books to be returned on Tuesday.


Suggested activities to support your child’s learning at home:

Easier Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Easier Home Learning Pack

Easier Practical Ideas


Harder Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Harder Home Learning Pack

Harder Practical Ideas


Hardest Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Hardest Home Learning Pack

Hardest Practical Ideas


Free Interactive Maths Games the button: number bonds; times tables; doubling and halving; multiples; division facts; square numbers Fishing Multiplication Maths Bowling Multiplication the Time – BBC, Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica


Free Welsh App – Campau Cosmig


Free Interactive Literacy Games –  BBC Karate Cats, grammar, punctuation and spelling – listen to actors reading children’s books