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ALN Reform

Welcome to the Additional Learning Needs information page.

The ALN system is the new statutory support system for children and young people aged 0 to 25 in Wales with ALN.

Find out more about it and how the changes which came into force in September 2021 and how they may affect your child.

ALN Reform Parent Information Sheet

ALN Reform Guide

ALN Reform-frequently-asked-questions

Where a child has an Additional Learning Need from January 2022 ‘IDP’ notices will begin.  When given the notice will confirm that the child has moved to the new ALN system and that they have ALN.  Where the decision has been made that a child does not have ALN, a ‘no IDP’ notice will be given.  This does not mean that intervention support groups for your child will stop.  Our school has many interventions to offer to support your child.


IDP Booklet


WelComm is a speech and language toolkit which operates in partnership with parents.   It provides us with the opportunity to identify areas of concern in language, communication and interaction development, in order to ensure targeted early intervention.

Language Link and Speech Link
Language link and speech link are programmes designed to help improve children’s speech and language skills.  If your child has speech, language or communication difficulties they will be assessed using either Language Link or Speech Link.  They will then follow a carefully designed programme to help them develop their speech and communication skills.  Speech link is used to identify and support children with developmental speech sound difficulties.

ELSA is an Emotional Literacy Support programme run by Mrs Adams.  It is normally run over a six week period.  It covers areas such as self-esteem, team building, friendship skills, social skills, understanding emotions or anger management and loss and bereavement.

Smart Moves and Sensory Circuits
Smart Moves and sensory circuits  is a programme aimed at improving fine and gross motor skills. Children take part in a range of fun activities to improve coordination, strength and balance.
Finger Gym
A ‘finger gym’ is an activity designed to work out the smaller muscles and fine motor skills in children’s hands and fingers.  They work in the exact same way that an actual gym helps us to exercise our larger muscles and gross motor skills.
POPAT is a programme of phoneme awareness which teaches the segmentation of words into single sounds directly without using letters and without the need for such exercises as chunking or rhyming.  POPAT shows learners how to look and listen effectively.
Precision Teaching 
Precision teaching is a structured teaching method that’s designed to improve the accuracy and fluency of reading, spelling and maths. It is designed to get learners to think quickly until they’re able to recall the spelling of a certain word almost instinctively.  This is why this form of structured teaching intervention is so fast-paced and repetitive – children will learn to read or spell words until they become fluent and confident.  They will only ever move on to a new skill once they’ve mastered the skill they are currently working on.
If you have any concerns about Additional Learning Needs, please contact the school to arrange an appointment with Mrs Edwards.