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Eco School Prayer

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for our brilliant school.
Please help us look after the minibeasts in the school grounds.
We promise to take care of the nature we see all around us.
Help us to remember to reduce, reuse and recycle.
Together we will look after
our wonderful world.

Eco Heroes Code

Environmental awareness is our aim.
Children, listen up to our game.
Outside if you see litter,

Helping hands you have, to pick it up quicker.
Everyone please try your best, make better choices, don’t just sit back and rest.
Remember to respect our grounds, save water and energy, don’t be the enermy!
Only use what you need, don’t give into greed,
Everybody needs to do their bit, for our planet.
So in many years to come, we can still man it

The school Eco Club is made up of pupils and staff. Two pupil members are elected from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. Every year we carry out an environmental survey of the school and create an action plan.​ In July 2015 we achieved every target on our plan and proudly gained our Silver Award certificate.

We are now making headway towards our Green Flag.
Our Action Plan for 2020/2021 covers the areas of:

Global Citizenship

Energy and Water
Waste Minimisation


Healthy Schools

Action plan 2020-21

Help out at home

  • Sort and take out your recycling
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Do a litter pick in your local area
  • Plant a tree
  • Build a futuristic eco Lego house
  • Keep fit with daily exercise

Celebrate your eco achievements with us as we work towards the Eco-Schools Green Flag!