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Eco School Prayer

Eco warriors, here to help,

Can you save the trees and kelp?

Ocean floors are full of plastic

When it’s gone it’ll be fantastic!

Are you picking up your litter?

Reduce your use of glue and glitter!

Recycle as much as you can,

If you do you’ll be the man!

One world, one planet, one chance

Reuse all things to keep the balance!

Eco Warriors Mission Statement

We are here to save the environment, the world and our school. We are the Eco Warriors! We will strive for a cleaner school environment; use less electricity, plastic and paper; and have as many children walking to school as we can!

The school Eco Club is made up of pupils and staff. Two pupil members are elected from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. Every year we carry out an environmental survey of the school and create an action plan.​ In July 2015 we achieved every target on our plan and proudly gained our Silver Award certificate.

We are now making headway towards our Green Flag.

The members of this year’s Eco Warriors have decided on a number of areas to focus on and created posters to spread the message of what we want to achieve.

Help out at home

  • Sort and take out your recycling
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Do a litter pick in your local area
  • Plant a tree
  • Keep fit with daily exercise

Celebrate your eco achievements with us as we work towards the Eco-Schools Green Flag!