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School Staff / Staff yr Ysgol

Mrs P. Brooks Acting Headteacher, Designated Child Protection and Safeguarding Person, First Aid Assistant
Mr C. Anthony Acting Deputy Headteacher, Deputy Child Protection and Safeguarding Person, Year 5&6 Teacher
Mr O. Wright Year 3&4 Teacher
Mrs C. Edwards Year 1&2 Teacher
Miss E. Evans Nursery & Reception Teacher
Mrs A. Adams Nursery Nurse / ELSA / PPA
Mrs S. Evans Teaching Assistant / First Aid Assistant
Miss J. Corse Teaching Assistant
Miss N. Jones Teaching Assistant
Miss E. Vincent 1:1 Support
Miss J. Gibbons School Clerk
Mr N. Rees Caretaker
Mrs S. Baker Cook-in-Charge
Mrs M. Jones Kitchen Assistant
Miss E. Vincent Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr S. Lock Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator
Mrs S Plescia  1:1 Support
Miss A Wigley Teaching Assistant