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Year 6 – Miss Beesley

Summer Term 2021

Cyclecraft consent(Click here)

Year 6 Dates and Information for July



Please continue to read and practice times tables, spellings and handwriting at home. Diolch.

Below are the Spring Term Blackboards.

The Wonder of Wings Summer 2021(click here)

                                                                                            The Wonder of Wings Summer 2021 R.E.(click here)


Below are our current class spelling lists for Summer Term 2021.

Spelling List Year 6 – Group 1(Click here)

Spelling List Year 6 – Group 2(Click here)

Spelling List Year 6 – Group 3(Click here) 


TenTen is a resource that we use for Religious Education in school. Please click the link below for their latest newsletter.


**Please can times tables, spellings reading be practiced at home regularly, to help your child access work in class.**

Below are some help sheets you may find useful.

Times Tables Sheet

Year 6 Spelling List



Guided reading cards

Ks2 Siarter Iaith Challenges(Welsh Language Challenges)

 Days to Remember

*Tuesday – Homework to be returned/Spelling Test

*Thursday – P.E. kit

*Friday – Reading books to be changed/Homework sent home.

Reading books can be returned on any day to be changed in class.

Hwb for Homework

Sometimes homework will be set online using HWB. Your child has taken home their login details and password which allows them to access a range of resources. Please use the links below to help with accessing HWB and the different resource areas. The children will have used these already in class.

How to use Homework tile (Click here)

How to access Flipgrid in Hwb (Click here)

How to upload work to your J2e file (Click here)

*CLASS LOCK DOWN Information

In the event of our class needing to ‘lock down’ due to Covid-19, please use the information below to guide you to your directed learning activities.

Reading and Comprehension

Please choose and complete 6 activities between the following pages: p.7-12 and p.22-38 (Try not to peek at the answers!)

Comprehension Challenges


Please choose an appropriate work pack to complete from the list below.

Easier Maths Pack

Medium Maths Pack

Harder Maths Pack


Please select 2 projects from the list below:

Create a Comic

Newspaper Reporter

Game Maker

Product Packaging

Animal Adaptations

Maths and English Activity Booklet

We look forward to sharing your completed work when we return to school.