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Curriculum for Wales/Cwricwlwm i Gymru

The Curriculum for Wales guidance aims to help each school develop its own curriculum, enabling their learners to develop towards the four purposes – the starting point and aspiration for every child and young person in Wales.  The four purposes are ultimately the aim of a school’s curriculum to support its learners to become:

Find out more about the new curriculum for Wales by watching the video below.

Further information can be found in the following two documents.

A New Curriculum for Wales

A new curriculum in wales-a guide for children young people and families

Our Curriculum Statement 2022/23

Curriculum Statement

The views of pupils, parents/carers, staff and governors have been sought in order to create a curriculum vision for St Joseph’s Primary School. This has been used to help us to develop a bespoke curriculum that has our Catholic faith and Gospel Values at its heart.

Our curriculum will be driven by the Four Purposes, developing our pupils to become:

  • ambitious and capable
  • enterprising and creative
  • ethically informed
  • healthy and confident

We are striving to create a curriculum which develops and improves the skills, knowledge and understanding of pupils over time. We aim to progressively challenge pupils through increasing the depth, breadth and sophistication of their understanding and skills. To help us provide this challenge, we will assess what pupils are good at, how they learn best, and the next steps in their learning.

We are planning to develop a shared understanding of progress with pupils, staff, the governing body, parents, the school cluster and the parish community.

The curriculum at St Joseph’s will:

  • be rooted in Welsh values and culture
  • be broad, balanced and authentic
  • develop pupils’ literacy, numeracy and digital competence skills
  • ensure that all pupils reach their full potential
  • focus on the six areas of learning
  • be centred around the teachings of the Catholic Church

To help us meet the needs of our pupils, we will monitor, review and assess what we teach pupils to ensure that our pupils make the best possible progress.

Ultimately, our aim is for all our pupils to leave us with a passion and enthusiasm for learning which lasts throughout their life.