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Margam Residential Trip

Hello, just a quick reminder, the Margam Park residential trip is next week.

Transport: The bus should be leaving school around 11.45am on Monday. Parents have the choice of dropping off their child at 10:45am or at the normal opening time. Pupils are due to return to school and can be collected at around 1.30pm on Wednesday or they may stay in school until the end of the school day.

Packed Lunch: On Monday, pupils need to bring their own packed lunch.

Twitter: Staff will post pictures of the Margam Residential trip on the school’s twitter account. You need to have joined this account to view the images. If you have not joined, please contact the school to complete a twitter request form.

Contact Numbers: If your contact number has recently changed, could you please send in your new number.

Thank you,

Mr Anthony

 St Joseph’s Primary School