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Golden Star Awards


Golden Star Awards – December 2023

                                                                  Congratulations to;

Axl, Lowri, Tobias & Declan

Playground Awards – Abigail & Roxanne

Breakfast Club – Lilah

Friendship Award – Kian 




                                 Golden Star Awards – March 2023

                                                    Congratulations to ;

                                                  Mona, Elliot J, Jessie E and Julia

                                                  Friendship Award – Sophie W

                                                  Playground Awards –  Maceyleigh and Tegan

                                                   Breakfast Club         –    Ellen



         Golden Star Awards – February 2023

Congratulations to;

Billy, Aleah, Ollie and John

Friendship Award – Sebastian.
Breakfast Club – Erica.
Playground Awards – Lilah and Loggan.

Well done everyone, we are very proud of you!